Abea Neurodiagnostics, Inc is the leader in performing the most advances modalities in the diagnostic of neurological disorders and in Intraoperative monitoring.

Electrophysiological recording during clinical, orthopedics, neurological, vascular and ENT surgery gradually are becoming part of standard medical practice because they provide information about the physiological integrity of nervous system, help to identify and guide surgeons to localize neural structure at risk and to prevent neurological deficits.

The benefit to the patients and surgeon of using appropriate neurophysiological monitoring methods during operations in which neural tissue is at risk of being injured are well recognized and INTRAOPERATIVE NEUROPHYSIOLOGICAL MONITORING (IONM) is now widely practiced in the majority of hospitals and neurophysiologist are members of the operating surgical team.

We have been dedicated to the diagnostics of neurological disorders since the earlier 1970s when we start using EEGS to detect seizures disorders, Nerve conduction velocities to detect peripheral nerve disorders and evoked potentials to test the functionality of sensory visual, auditory and spinal dorsal columns tract. Neurophysiology started growing with us in the 1970 and 1980 with the new applications of the same techniques applied to the monitoring of ENT, Spine and Brain surgeries.

Our qualified neurophysiologist provide a personal interaction, direct supervision and communication with surgeons. We are members of ASET, ASNM, AAET AND ABRET certified CNIM.
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Evoked Potentials

Intraoperative Monitoring

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Why Choose Abea Neuromonitoring?

Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM) has been repeadtedly demonstrated to enhance surgical outcomes, and lower the risk of neurological deficits after the operation.

Reasons leading surgeons and hopstials choose Abea Neurodiagnostic:
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